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Less than $1 Per Minute

10 Minute Reading For $9.99

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Maxine and I speak regularly. She has been by my side for many ups and downs including a divorce and a complete change of career. Whenever I need clarity, she is there just a phone call away. I'm so grateful and won't go anywhere else. She has such an incredible gift to share. Thank you!

Betty W.

Long Island, NY

I suspected my boyfriend was unfaithful and Annabel provided the confirmation I needed. It was crushing to hear, but I knew I what I needed to do. She also shared that an old flame would be making contact and not to despair. Sure enough, she was right. My high school crush and I just got engaged and couldn't be happier.

Angel C.

Los Angeles, CA

This has been a hard year for me with loss on many levels. Miranda could feel my struggles and her compassion was genuinely felt. She saw an opportunity for my creative side to thrive knew my art was something I had given up a long time ago and regretted. I don't know how she does it, but her guiding light through this storm is very appreciated!

Christine A.

Houston, TX


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